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The Future
Solstrike was originally created as a test and demo of our Fenforge game engine. However it has turned out to be be extremely fun to play, and we have lots of ideas to improve it. Therefore we are now considering making it larger.

We have decided to share what we have created so far, as an 'Early Access' version so you can try it yourself. If you like what you see, please vote for Solstrike on Steam Greenlight, and if there is sufficient interest then we will develop Solstrike further.

Some of the improvements we plan to implement if we get enough votes are described below:
Solstrike currently has two complete planets, each with 15 unique units, buildings and commander buffs to choose from. We have already designed many more planets which we would like to add, each with their own unique theme. There are also more types of action, ranging from direct attacks to area effects. Imagine all the different strategies you could employ with the addition of more planets.
With the addition of new planets, there will be many more actions available than you can use in a single game. The Barracks will allow you to fine tune which actions you load onto your spaceship and take into battle. Which actions will you place at your disposal? Try to come up with the best combination!
Complete missions/challenges with varying degrees of difficulty to gain research points. These can then be used to unlock new planets and new actions. This makes the game more rewarding to play, and gives an incentive to try different strategies.
Hook up with your friends using the invitation-only game service, because we all know gaming's more fun with your mates. Private games will allow you to customise your game, including options like:
  • Restrict the number of players
  • Choose which planets can be used
  • Randomized spaceships
  • Preset spaceships
  • And many more...
Want to test new units or practice new strategies before trying them out on your friends? Play against a non-human commander and your embarassing losses can be your own little secret.
Powered By Fenforge

Solstrike was created using Fenforge, our state of the art multiplayer games creation system. Visit for more information!

News And Updates

To keep up to date with all the latest news, and for a sneak peek of what are we working on from day to day, follow the company's founder Andrew Gower on Twitter.

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