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Solstrike is an upcoming turn based strategy game for 2 to 6 players.

Solstrike is currently still in development. We are taking what we learned from a small scale 'early access' test we did, and adding lots of new content to create the full version of the game.

The game runs on desktop, tablet and mobile and supports cross-platform multiplayer.
Players enter the arena and then choose from a variety of actions. Will you beam down more units, upgrade your commander, or go for a direct attack? Will you play an offensive or defensive game? Utilize the unique strengths of each of your units to try to defeat the enemy commanders.

The game has a carefully balanced mixture of luck and skill, such that playing the right strategies will great improve your chances, but a new player can still beat a veteran.

The game has a clean, uncluttered aesthetic and is easy to learn, but as you play it more you will discover its hidden complexity, with surprisingly varied units and strategies and hours of content to unlock.
Powered By Fenforge

Solstrike is being created using Fenforge, our state of the art multiplayer games creation system. Visit for more information!

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